Helpless Americans in limbo waiting for a ‘great again’ America


It has taken less than a year for the 45th president of the United States … United States? … to undo everything that the 44th president accomplished in eight years. I do not know about the rest of America, but I feel helpless! Somehow, living in America which is supposed to be “great again,” has me feeling like I may be in a foreign country or having a bad dream. Of course, both of these scenarios may be true.

Mr. Donald Trump, with his dictator-style rulings, through tweets, executive orders and plain bullying, has set himself up somewhat like a “king.” The thing that puzzles me is the fact that Congress is doing absolutely nothing to put a halt to his actions. We can be thankful that the courts put a halt on some of his immigration orders, but what about the latest undoing of the Affordable Care Act, which is going to leave so many people without protection because of his order. Where are the “checks and balances?” Congress is able to check the president and vice versa and the courts are to balance them both.

What are individual citizens supposed to do when the people we elected to run this country are sitting in a seat, divided by parties and parties divided and not listening to the electorate? Protests only seem to create havoc, bloodshed and deaths of innocent people.

Is America great again when Dreamers and other immigrants are in fear of deportations; when Americans who need health care find it unavailable; when we do nothing to improve our climate when it is harmful to our health; when we see prices increasing every day while our income shrinks; when we see all kinds of governmental aids disappear while our tax burdens increase; when our educational resources which we need are not within our reach; when our veterans have to beg to survive; when natural disasters strike and we are ignored by our government; when the richer becomes richer as the poor becomes poorer; when anyone can see the divisions in this country; when we are afraid to leave our homes because of the widespread racism and afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation; when the national anthem and flag threatens livelihood? Are we yet great again?

We are caught in a limbo of helplessness in which we need to get “in cinque” and concentrate on a prayer that will help our leaders to secure some order in our national government and bring about a change, which will make this country great again with some sensible order that will eliminate fears of living from day to day. Prayer changes things!

Renetta W. Howard is a former social worker and educator. She is the author of Julia’s Story, Feathers in My Hair and writes a monthly blog, IN CINQUE. She can be reached through


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