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As we all listen to the racist rants of the president, and to the applause afforded him by those who believe in and agree with all he says, it becomes fairly obvious that Adolph Hitler never died.

Whatever it is about being White that has caused that group of people so much angst, insecurity, anger and hatred is something Hitler knew about and agreed with. The Germans studied American race law – and found much of what America did as regarded its disdain for Black people and others who were deemed to be “less than” the Aryan concept of worthiness appealing. They borrowed from this country to set up their own system of the genocide of Jews and others who they felt were unworthy of freedom or of being alive.

Nobody wants to say his name – Hitler’s – but the archbishop of racial hatred hovers over this country and resides in the cracks of our government. At the attack in Charlottesville, the White protesters chanted, “You will not replace us!” and it was enough to cause one to shudder. Not only is it chilling that that kind of language is still being used, but more than that, those who are using the language seem to be hell-bent on stoking and increasing racial enmity – the chant later morphed into “Jews will not replace us,” according to the article When White nationalists chant their weird slogans, what do they mean? published by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

They and the president seem to be cut from the same cloth. In Charlottesville, in addition to the phrase referred to above, they also chanted, “Russia is our friend!” They, like the president, admire Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin. This love for the leader of a country, which has not garnered that kind of respect in the past is puzzling. I thought Russia was despised because it was a communist nation, and I thought conservatives (and liberals as well) hated communists.

But it seems that Russia and communism are on the table for white supremacists.

It crossed my mind, in reading and listening to all that is going on, that Hitler remains as beloved an ancestor and hero to white supremacists as is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Black people. The tyrant of Germany, who, if the truth be told, did nothing but destroy nations and people, is still alive. The Americans created race laws, some of which even the Germans thought were too harsh, but the Americans fed the societal cancer called white supremacy, and even though Hitler killed himself as it became apparent to him that he was losing the war he so wanted to win, his spirit hovers over white supremacists not only in this country, but all over the world.

Putin is in our election cycle, as he was in 2016, but so is Hitler. White supremacist supporters of Trump are deeply passionate about his leadership and his ideas. They stand ready to violently attack anyone they believe is offensive to their leader and his cause. While so many talk about America’s “democracy,” it is a fact that many on the Right do not respect the concept of the attempted practice of democracy – and it is also a fact that according to the definition of what a democracy should be, this country has never really practiced it.

Instead, America has kept as furtively as it could the cold, hard fact of the existence of the belief in white supremacy and White privilege. From the moment the words “All men are created equal” were written, White politicians, lawmakers, preachers, teachers and the general populace pushed back. They decried that all men had not been created equal, and their offense at anyone saying, or at Black people making strides in this country as though they were in fact “equal” to Whites caused them to erupt in violent, deadly attacks on Black people. This country, because of racial conflict, has always been a step away from another Civil War, The Washington Post reported.

The decimation of Black, Brown, poor, elderly and ill people because of COVID-19 is not bothering the president or his minions. They are actually pushing for the country to practice “herd immunity,” something that in order to be effective would result in an estimated 197 million deaths of Americans, according to another Washington Post article.

That feels like genocide, and it is a genocide that perhaps more people than we want to admit are interested in and in favor of.

Hitler would approve.

White supremacists believe that the White race is being threatened by the presence of too many people of color. They’re worried now, yes, but they’ve been worried before, a fact which helped inspire and support the eugenics movement. What the scientists wanted was a “perfect” race, something Hitler wanted as well; to be a “perfect” White, Hitler believed White people needed to have Nordic features. Not even all White people were created equal.

The spirit of Hitler hovers over this country. Just as slavery never died, but instead “evolved,” according to Equal Justice Initiative founder and executive director Bryan Stevenson, neither has rabid white supremacy. It is with us. We hear it and feel it when we see pictures of rallies where people are offering the same salute given to the German tyrant, and when they walk through American streets, chanting phrases and words, which would have been familiar to Hitler and his followers, The Atlantic reported.

As this election approaches, and the anger and hatred of white supremacists is encouraged in its work of violence and destruction, it is hard to imagine what this country will look like leading up to the election and following.

But it seems fairly obvious that the spirit of Hitler is with us and will be for some time.


Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries. Her latest book, Rest for the Justice-Seeking Soul, is now available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. She is available for speaking. Contact her at revsuekim@sbcgloba.net.


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