Johnson, Pelosi lead roundtable on solutions for better jobs

Johnson Pelosi
Johnson Pelosi

Special to The Dallas Examiner

On May 12, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson hosted a roundtable discussion on implementing effective strategies that prepare our workforce for a new, 21st century economy for community leaders and education, transportation, finance and labor advocates. Pelosi and Johnson received input from key stakeholders who work to help local communities grow and detailed the Democrats’ vision to create more job opportunities and a stable economy that rewards hard-working Americans all over the country.

“Rapid changes to our economy have left much of the workforce unprepared to meet the challenges of the future. Here in Dallas, the work of Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas and so many committed members of the public and private sectors are helping us answer those challenges,” Johnson said. “I was delighted to showcase some of Dallas’ finest, who are offering innovative approaches to improve economic opportunity for North Texas residents through improvements in transportation, investments in education, and enhancements in job training and workforce modernization programs. With Leader Pelosi’s support in Washington, we hope to make Dallas the model of perseverance that shows how people rise to the occasion and overcome these challenges together.”

The roundtable featured perspectives from Laurie Bouillion Larrea, president of Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas; Larry James, CEO of City Square; Dr. Joe May, chancellor of Dallas County Community College District; Gary Thomas, CEO of Dallas Area Rapid Transit; Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins; Mark York, treasurer of the Dallas AFL-CIO Council; Gilbert Gerst, senior vice president of the Bank of Texas; Peter Brodsky, president of Red Bird Properties; and Ellen Torbert, vice president of Diversity & Inclusion at Southwest Airlines.

“Too many Americans have been left behind by technological change, and left wondering where they fit in the economy of the future,” Pelosi said. “Democrats are offering the American people a better deal, with better jobs, better wages and a better future, that gives every working American the tools to succeed in the 21st century. It was my privilege to join Congresswoman Johnson to meet the visionary leaders of Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas and its partners, who are presenting a powerful model for empowering workers nationwide.”


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