Joint Primary Election Announced for Dallas County

Dallas County Commissioners Court approved a contract between Dallas County Elections Administrator Michael Scarpello, Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Kristy Noble, and Dallas County Republican Party Chair Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu to hold Dallas County’s first Joint Primary Election.

The discussion of a joint primary election began two months prior with an agreement being reached by the Democratic and Republican Party Chairs on January 7, 2022, and approved by the Dallas County Commissioners Court on January 11th.  The contract is for the March 1st Primary Election and will allow voters from both parties to vote at any vote center in Dallas County. In previous primary elections, voters were limited to voting at party-specific vote centers or standing in Republican Party or Democratic Party lines at a shared vote center location.

View the complete Dallas County Commissioners Court Order HERE.

“In order to provide the best experience for voters for the upcoming primary election, the Democratic and Republican parties and Dallas County have partnered together in preparation for the first-ever joint primary election. This will enable us to allocate resources and coordinate to ensure a smooth voting process for all, no matter where you vote or which primary you choose to vote in,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

“I want to commend Elections Administrator Michael Scarpello and the Elections Department staff for facilitating the Joint Primary Election Agreement and their commitment to run fair and efficient elections,” said Republican Chair Stoddard Hajdu.

“This November, our lives and our democracy depend on your vote, and the first step is the March 1 Primary,” said Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Kristy Noble. “Local elections are often won in the Primary, and we urge every Democrat to cast their ballot! You can decide Texas’ future on March 1st.”

A Joint Primary Election includes:

Vote Center Changes

Dallas County voters from both parties can vote at any vote center in Dallas County and the Dallas County

Elections Department will attempt to utilize all countywide vote centers.  Voters will now be able to discreetly choose their party affiliation at the qualification table instead of attending party-specific vote centers or standing in a Republican Party or Democratic Party line at a vote center. The deadline to register to vote for the March 1, 2022 Primary Election is January 31st. You can visit the site to check your registration status or to download a voter registration application.

Higher Primary Poll Worker Pay

To ensure appropriately staffed vote centers, Dallas County will pay the difference to poll workers between the State’s reimbursement of $12 per hour for primary poll workers and the County’s normal rate.  This increases Election Clerk’s pay to $16/hour and the Elections Judges to $18/hour.

Explore opportunities to work at election polls HERE.

Familiar Voting Process

Dallas County voters will have the opportunity to vote in the same location and nearly the same manner that they have over the last several major elections.

As details are finalized further information can be found at


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