Kidsn Capes
Kandra Albury is an educator from Florida who not only wears her cape in the classroom, but has also developed a C.A.P.E. Curriculum for parents and teachers to empower their students


Meet the educator who transforms herself into a superhero in the classroom


Eight years ago, Kandra Albury set out on a mission to help prevent and raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse, bullying and illegal drug use in children. Since that time she has reached more than 5,000 children and adults across the U.S. and in Africa.

Albury’s mission was clear – teach kids to activate their superpower, courage – to help prevent and raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse, bullying and illegal drug use, early on. Through Kids’n Capes, Albury brought together literacy, advocacy, education and added superhero capes. The acronym C.A.P.E. stands for Courageously Affirming and Protecting through Education. She believes courage is the new superpower!

“I want parents and teachers to know just how simple it is to approach sensitive issues from an empowered position,” said Albury who is also the president and CEO of Kids’n Capes Inc. “With children being home and learning is online, now is the ideal time to begin educating the whole child with an emphasis on safety and wellness.”

While the C.A.P.E. curriculum is intended for parents and teachers, it can also be used by civic and faith-based organizations, as well as early learning/childcare facilities, homeschool groups or any youth-serving organization.

“The programs that have been piloted throughout the past eight years by Kids’n Capes Inc. were taken and written to Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for health and social education. These standards can be easily adapted to Common Core Standards,” Albury said. “Common core has been implemented in more than 40 states in the U.S. and District of Columbia.”

For the early learners/primary grade levels, the curriculum features 19 lessons in which books in the Feisty Four Children’s Book Series serve as the foundation for learning. The four books address body safety, bullying and illegal drug use prevention. They also have animated read-aloud videos in which the characters come to life. Also included are supplemental videos that Albury uses to teach adults how to host an interactive read aloud.

For secondary learners, Albury offers COURAGEous Conversations, which includes real-life situations. The facilitator-guided scenarios also cover body safety, bullying prevention and avoiding illegal drug use and peer pressure. Conversation topics also address the hazards of vaping and marijuana use. Sample questions include “What should students have already been taught about this type of situation,” “If there’s been a conversation,” “How do they feel about certain situations” and “What they would do to avoid a situation that would compromise their well-being?”

“As an advocate and a survivor of sexual abuse and bullying, I realize these are tough topics to talk about; however, I do it in a fun and engaging way,” said Albury, whose journey is currently airing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. “I help remove feelings of uneasiness when talking about tough topics.”

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