A let us pray for a merry Christmas


It is the time of the year when our greatest fears are spending too much money to make our Christmas holidays the biggest and best that we have ever had. Try as we may, there is still a cloud hanging over our heads concerning the past national election for a president and the conduct of that individual who was elected.

It is unsettling enough that too many Americans are upset about the result of the election, to the point of boycotting the inauguration physically and on the media, but the president-elect is taking on too much of international affairs, usurping his authority by injecting unnecessary and inappropriate comments through the media about affairs international NOW. President Obama has only a few more weeks in office, BUT, he still is the president, and it appears that Mr. Trump’s verbal tirades are definitely out of order. There is fear of what they may cause.

We may sing merrily about the birth of Christ during this season; the birth of the baby Jesus, the REASON FOR THE SEASON, but we really need to pray for the new year after the formal inauguration of the new president of the United States of America. This will be the birth of a new era; a new era in which the millionaires and billionaires of this country are being placed in the cabinet of the billionaire president-elect to run this country in which the majority of the population is barely keeping its heads above the water financially. Before the new Congress convenes, there is already talk of cutting or eliminating all of the programs that promote the general welfare of the country. What kind of merry Christmas can we really have with notions of deficits and ruin dancing in our heads instead of sugarplums and the like?

Finally, the interest rate is inching up, but from the looks of it, it will not help those of us who were hoping for an increase on the interest that banks pay, but it will hurt those of us who were hoping for lower interest rate in home and auto purchases. Most will likely increase, though some of it is connected to Treasury bond interest rather than the federal quote. Regardless of which road our economy takes, it does not look rosy right now. We still need a miracle. With that said, we need to get “in cinque,” come together, work and pray for a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Renetta W. Howard is a former social worker and educator. She is the author of Julia’s Story, Feathers in My Hair and a monthly blog, IN CINQUE. She can be reached through http://www.rhowrites.com.


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