Life High School graduations
Life High School Graduations


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Life High School Oak Cliff, one of seven chapters of the Life High School charter schools, celebrated its senior class of 2020 with a special surprise cap and gown car parade, May 2. Families, teachers and other members of the school community lined the parking lot to cheer for the graduating seniors and their families as they drove through the crowds after picking up their graduation caps and gowns. School officials said the parade didn’t replacement graduation. It was what they considered would be a wonderful and safe way to celebrate the accomplishments of their graduates during these uncertain times.

Like most of Dallas’ students, the students expected to return to class on March 16, after spring break. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, all students began a home learning program, which meant: modified instructions, dealing with possible technical issues, missing senior year events, a lack of socialization among peers, walking the halls with the pride of knowing you’re almost at the end of your high school journey, and most of all, ending the year with pomp and circumstance in celebration of them and their fellow grads.

A stage graduation ceremony is currently scheduled for May 22 at the Inspiring Body Of Christ. An alternative date, if needed, is June 20.

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