(George Curry Media) – Clarice Fluitt is a powerful motivational speaker, internationally recognized Christian leader and accomplished businesswoman. She is successful entrepreneur with a long history in real estate development.

As a life strategist and highly sought after personal adviser, her messages bring inspiration and innovation to every audience she encounters. Her insights and thought-provoking delivery have solidified her position as a renowned motivational speaker and transformational voice – impacting countless lives daily.

Fluitt has been a global trainer for more than four decades. Her success is based on her ability to help individuals and organizations get real practical results. Her experiences as corporate and executive coach, entrepreneur and strategic consultant allow her to share her proven strategies for building customer value, creating revolutionary products, inspiring innovation, and generating sustainable growth.

Her book, Ridiculous Miracles, demonstrates and is an expression of her as a time proven prophetess with laser-like accuracy. Her life and book are remarkable chronicles of hilarious real-life stories, tragic trials, tests and moving visitations of the Lord.

Fluitt’s mantra is that a person with an experience is more valuable than a person with only an opinion. She believes “much of our wisdom and insight into transformational living is learned in the shallows of life, activated in the deep places, and grown in the depths of living.”

Fluitt’s SiriusXM interview insights will inspire you to look behind every rock for your next opportunity. She says:

• You will always have an opportunity to overcome before you can “come over.”

• If you are not a solution to the pollution of poverty, you will become a partaker in it.

• Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge skillfully.

• Do not start a work without a Word from God.

• Knowledge of a thing is not necessarily possession of it.

• Instruct people from principles and foundations that are eternal.

• Proximity is power. Surround yourself with champions. Aspire to greater heights through the process of intentional connections.

• Correction is not rejection.

• Surround yourself with those who celebrate you and your life.

• Focus determines your success. Help people uncover their passion and focus by giving them a guide.

• Learn to listen intentionally and practice being fully engaged.

• Think not only good thoughts but also God thoughts that will always give us new ways, ideas and opportunities to create more avenues of revenue.

• How you think about failure can determine how high you will ascend as you climb the ladder of success.

• With each promotion, advancement and breakthrough comes your opportunity to be the creator of your atmosphere that converts potential into reality.

• We may see walls separating us from our dreams and goals. They’re not walls at all. They’re God’s call that demands great leaps of faith on our part, for a successful journey through life.

• Honor your commitment to yourself. Invest in yourself. Follow through with your dreams and visions.

• Nothing happens until you act. Think ridiculous thoughts. Expect ridiculous results. Decide to live a ridiculous life for ridiculous miracles every day!

Willie Jolley a motivational speaker, author and radio host. He can be reached through http://www.williejolley.com.

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