From Hrlem to Africa

Harlem Fine Arts Virtual pioneering international exhibit to include: WaterKolours Gallery, Soweto Fine Art Gallery, Spence Gallery, Artists: Ademola Olugebefola, Otto Neals, Roederick Vines, John Pinderhughes, Danny Simmons, Glenn Tunstull, Frank Frazier and more.



First Black virtual art exhibit showcases 60 artists and galleries from around the world

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The Harlem Fine Arts Show is the largest, traveling art show in the country showcasing the talents of the African Diaspora. First held in February 2010 in New York City, the show has attracted more than 80,000 visitors over the past 10 years. It has also created economic empowerment, educational opportunities and professional recognition within the multicultural community.

This year, it opened its 2021 Virtual Art Show with over 60 artists and galleries from around the globe. The show, which is free to the public and accessible 24/7, will literally let your fingers do the walking through interactive displays showcasing some of the world’s preeminent Black artists – with over 1,200 works available, valued at more than $100 million. The fair will run continuously through July 31 at

“We are pushing the envelope in support of African Diasporic artists during these challenging times when they are not able to be in front of collectors,” said Dion Clarke, founder of the Harlem Fine Arts Show. “In our current climate, where awareness of the Black aesthetic is top of mind across the globe, it is imperative for us to reinvent the way we engage with multi-cultural artists utilizing today’s technology.

The HFAS is pioneering a 21st century Harlem Renaissance with this groundbreaking show, facilitated through a partnership with Online Viewing Room, a virtual platform that produces digital shows for venues in Paris, the Hamptons and other art hubs across the globe. The platform offers a creative digital approach for collector engagement, leading to reinvigorated sales for artists, according to the show’s promoters.

“We are proud to support the Harlem Fine Arts Show in its mission to increase awareness of African Diasporic artists and their work,” said Balazs Farago, CEO of Walter’s Cube, the parent company of Online Viewing Room. “Our platform has been designed to make their work more visible and accessible to a global audience while generating sales and revenue for artists.”

The virtual show will run for five months and be available 24-hours a day, on a range of devices, utilizing cutting-edge VR technology, and creating a simulated art fair environment that visitors can virtually navigate as they would a physical fair. Through 3D renderings, artworks will be displayed in high-resolution detail and will be available for purchase using a “Buy Now” option.

Just as at the in-person show, there will be a series of art talks, VIP experiences, and other events during the run of the show. HFAS will also offer a 24-hour live chat feature so attendees can connect with an art expert anytime. HFAS’s pioneering digital event is a unique way for collectors to connect with art and to each other, providing as close to an authentic experience as possible.

Featured galleries and artists:


  • Soweto Fine Art Gallery – South Africa
  • John Pinderhughes
  • Joan Spence – Spence Gallery – Canada
  • Michelle Rene’ Art
  • Danny Jenkins – WaterKolours Fine Art
  • Classic works of Elizabeth Catlett
  • Jacob Lawrence
  • Romare Bearden
  • Charles White
  • Stanwyck Cromwell
  • Ademola Olugebefola – Manna777 Gallery
  • Otto Neals
  • Danny Simmons
  • Al Johnson Art
  • MBGreen Arts
  • Laura Gadson
  • Glenn Tunstull Studio Frank Frazier
  • Michael Escoffery
  • Diana Shannon Young
  • Roederick Vines Studio
  • Joy Lyons Art
  • Baez Fine Art / Elizabeth Erazo Baez
  • Kalen McQuire Media
  • Shenna Vaughn
  • D.K. Dixon Designs
  • O’Bannon Studios
  • JMR Designs
  • Lisa DuBois Gallery
  • Matyo Creations
  • Nyeshia “Jaze Jeanye” Padmore
  • Blue Leaf International Arts Gallery
  • Artbywepa
  • Chris Osborne Art
  • Art By Aaron Reed
  • The Robinson Studio
  • Christopher Crenshaw
  • D’Artist Donna Ladson
  • DMV League of Artists
  • The Graham Collection
  • Omar Canate – Brother Omar
  • Bodiles Nu Art Studio and Gallery| Georgia Fullerton – F U L L F I N E A R T
  • Ancestral Beads by Larry Brown
  • African Authentics
  • Solwazi Afi Olusola – DARA: Ancestral Beauty Photography
  • The Royal Ivey Collection
  • Art That Touches Your Heart
  • Mark Sublett & Genaro Rafael
  • Art That Touches Your Heart Student Gallery


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