A Man Called Jon

A Man Called Jon
A Man Called Jon

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Faith is an important part of many people’s lives. Every weekend, millions of people practice their faith by attending church to worship and praise God with their fellow parishioners.

An independent local film, A Man Called Jon, captures the essence of the importance of church and religion in one’s life. The movie, shot in Terrell, stars Christian Heep, Sharice Henry Chasi, Vernee Watson, Irma P. Hall, Liz Cardenas-Franke, and Mathew Greer and is produced by King and Brown Enterprises/Poorchild Films – producers of Hiding in Plain Sight and Steps of Faith.

The red carpet premiere of the film took place in Garland at the Granville Arts Center on Nov. 14.

The movie is a light-hearted comedy/drama about a pastor whose style of worship is questioned by his conservative congregation.

Pastor Jon Terrell Carson is known as a charismatic preacher who runs around his sanctuary with his arms raised during church service after he preaches.

Unaccustomed to his style of worship, Carson’s congregation and other pastors sign a petition to have him removed from the parish, while other pastors attempt to convince him that it is best if he is reassigned.

Carson’s children often worry that their dad will embarrass them with his style of preaching, asking “Why can’t he be like normal dads?”

When his wife confronts him to let him know he embarrassed his children, he tries to explain how the spirit moves him.

“I can’t help it,” he tells his wife. “When I feel the spirit it just flows right out of me.”

When Carson is reassigned, he is sent to an African American church. His children are not happy about having to move, but his wife tries to be supportive. He arrives at the new parish as the church leaders are meeting and a shocked secretary faints when he announces that he’s the new pastor.

The church deaconess tells Carson that their church has lost over 200 members because Associate Pastor Dickens keeps preaching about fornication every Sunday. Carson tries very hard to get to know the people of his new parish as he conducts Bible studies and tries to go door-to-door to bring members back.

However, Dickens is not happy with the new pastor and tells people in the community to throw a bucket of water on him if he approaches them. They do so in order to keep him away.

Meanwhile, Carson’s children enjoy the new parish and make friends.

As the Carsons settle in, the minister finds that the new parish welcomes his style of worship. However, the associate pastor continues to look for ways to have him removed from the church. Moving again may mean that Carson will have to struggle to be accepted or pushed out again. It also means uprooting his family, who just settled in.

A Man Called Jon is an enjoyable short movie about how people are different either by race or religion but can still come together for a common cause. It explores the differences in culture in praise and worship – but in the end, everyone is worshipping the same God.

The movie’s goal is to bring people together from all backgrounds to celebrate a common cause and questions why people are segregated by their religion. This is s family friendly movie that most can relate with.


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