Sankofa Garden Homes: What and when to plant when planting vegetables

Sankofa Garden Homes
Professor Freedom studies the growth of his black-eyed pea seedlings in his Sankofa Garden Home. – Photo courtesy of Sankofa Education Services



Sankofa Garden Homes


As we begin our spring gardens, I thought it would be important for you to have information on what and when to plant. North Haven Gardens has provided an excellent list of vegetable planting dates for North Texas, as seen below.


Spring Harvest

Seed Outdoors (O)/Indoors (I)



  • Onion sets & slips, Leeks (O)
  • Broccoli by seed (I)
  • Brussels sprouts by seed (I)
  • Cauliflower by seed (I)
  • Collard greens by seed (I)
  • Kale by seed (I)
  • Lettuce by Seed (I)
  • Tomatoes by Seed (I)
  • Spinach by seed (I/O)
  • Swiss Chard (I/O)

Jan 15th – March 1

  • Eggplant by seed (I)
  • Peppers by seed (I)


Feb. 1 – Feb 10

  • Peas (O)


Feb. 10 – Feb. 25

  • Leeks by seed (I/O)


Feb 1 – March 1

  • Potatoes by seed (O)


Feb. 1 – March 1

  • Asparagus crowns
  • Horseradish crowns
  • Rhubarb crowns
  • Broccoli transplants
  • Brussels Sprouts transplants
  • Cabbage transplants
  • Cauliflower transplants
  • Chinese Cabbage transplants
  • Kohlrabi transplants


Feb. 1 – March 15

  • Beets by seed (O)
  • Carrots by seed (O)
  • Collard Greens by seed (O)
  • Kale by seed (I/O)
  • Kohlrabi by seed (O)
  • Lettuce by seed (O)
  • Mustard greens by seed (O)
  • Scallions by seed (I/O)
  • Spinach seed (O)
  • Swiss Chard by seed (O)
  • Turnips by seed (O)


Feb. 5 – May 1

  • Radish by seed (O)


March 15 – April 20

  • Bush by seed (O)
  • Lima Beans by seed (O)
  • Pole Beans by seed (O)
  • Snap by seed (O)


Late Feb -April 1

  • Tomato transplants


March 15 – May 1

  • Cantaloupe by seed (O)
  • Watermelon by seed (O)


March 15 – Mid-June

(all O)

  • Corn by seed
  • Cucumbers by seed or transplant
  • Pepper transplants
  • Squash by seed or transplant
  • Watermelon by seed or transplant
  • Zucchini by seed or transplant


March 25 – April 30

  • Pumpkin by seed or transplant (O)


April 1 – Mid-June

  • Black Eyed Peas by seed (O)
  • Eggplant transplants
  • Okra by seed or transplant


April 15 – May 15

  • Sweet Potato slips


May 1 – May 15

  • Tomatoes by seed (I/O)


Whether you are planting in an above ground garden, an in ground garden or in pots, be sure to grow something. Get the entire family involved, particularly the elders and the youth so the senior family members can pass on knowledge to the younger members of the family. It can also be a great way to keep children mentally active during the summer, while teaching them responsibility and doing research on what they plant and harvest. As the elders say, plant before or on Good Friday.

For more information on what to plant and when, visit North Haven Gardens at or call 214-363-5316.

Remember, if you have good soil and good seeds, you can have a garden.


The Sankofa Garden Homes column is provided by Clarence Glover, known as Professor Freedom of Sankofa Education Services, for the purpose of “taking the chains off our brains, so our minds can work.” He can be reached at


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