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Rapper Ludacris embraces his daughter, Karma Bridges. The two have partnered to create the animated series, Karma’s World. Right image: Animated character featured in Karma’s World. – Photos courtesy of BlackNews.com




Rapper/actor Chris Bridges, more popularly known as Ludacris, is set to produce a new animated series called Karma’s World inspired by his eldest daughter Karma Bridges. The animated features is geared toward girls, ages 6 to 9 years old. It is a coming of age story about Karma Grant, 10-year-old Black aspiring musical artist, rapper and songwriter. The story follows the life of Karma, who wanted to use her music to be able to change the world.

Smart, resilient and deeply empathetic, Karma pours her soul into writing songs, channeling her feelings into whip-smart rhymes with passion, courage and her signature brand of humor. In this series, Karma is only beginning to grasp the incredible emotional power that words and music can have.

“Karma is a character who does not yet exist on kids’ TV. She is a powerful, empowering role model who uses her words and music to bring about change in her community,” said Angela Santomero, Chief Creative Officer for 9 Story Media Group. “Kids who watch Karma’s World will be inspired to use creativity as a vehicle for self-expression, and the series furthers 9 Story’s commitment to creating diverse content for children that encourages them to find their voice and follow their dreams.”

Ludacris’ production company Karma’s World Entertainment is one of the producers of The 40-episode series, with 11-minutes of screen time each, will feature original music scoring created and supervised by Ludacris in collaboration with James Bennett Jr. and produced by Gerald Keys. The compositions tackle the issues young children face – such as self-esteem, body positivity, discrimination, creativity, expressing emotions, friendship, family, leadership, celebrating differences and more.

Karma’s World Entertainment will partner with 9 Story Media Group, Oscar-nominated Brown Bag Films and Emmy Award-winning Creative Affairs Group to produce the new series.

The series is scheduled to be released on Netflix soon. Ludacris said he hopes the series inspires young children and empower young girls.

“I’ve had a lot of accomplishments in my life, but everything that I’ve experienced seems to have led up to this point to where I can leave a legacy for all my daughters,” Bridges told Deadline. “Karma’s World is one of those legacies. I hope this series will show kids that there are many ways to overcome difficult situations. This show is going to move hip-hop culture forward and show young girls that they have the power to change the world. This project has been a long time in the making, and I can’t wait to bring Karma’s World to the entire world.”

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