James Maddison High School
James Maddison High School

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James Madison High School hasn’t met state academic standards for two consecutive years. While there isn’t a definite source of this problem, an eager and motivated student body is vital to the progression of a school.

In an effort to solidify this ideology, Kathryn Mitchell, a former Dallas ISD educator and mother of two Madison graduates, current Madison principal Marian Willard, and James Oliver, former president of the JMHS Alumni Association, have collaborated on a scholarship program showcasing academic advancement through mentorship.

“I remember I revisited the school a while back, (and) it was such a beautiful school until I felt some of the students needed to see the great people and achievements that came before them,” Mitchell said.

The projects aims to highlight the success stories of 13 former Madison alumni, referred to as the Donor Class of 2017, and “encourage (current students) to go and continue their education,” according to Mitchell.

The importance of positive imagery is deeply rooted in this event placing a huge emphasis on inspiring children by presenting thriving individuals from similar backgrounds.

“I don’t think (children) have role models like that anymore,” Mitchell said as she compared the presence of mentors from her teaching past to now.

The organizers and the Donor Class are currently raising money for academic scholarships that will be given to current Madison students at the end of the school year.

The program will be held Sept. 24 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the high school. There will be a reception held for viewings of the photographs and biographies of the donors as well as a program about the scholarship giveaway shortly after.

“I hope this continues,” Mitchell expressed. “If we can just touch one or two people, I know that we have tried.”

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