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Better Business Bureau is warning about Manufacturing Dreams Corporation doing business as Dream A Pillow, a local business that has earned an “F” rating with the BBB.  On their website, the company claims to take any picture and turn it into a pillow. Despite the company’s claim that each pillow comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, consumer complaints to the BBB tell another story.

BBB originally contacted the company regarding their business practices in February of this year and to date has not received a response. Within just a few months of BBB creating a report, consumer complaints began to spike against the company. To date, BBB has received complaints from 42 states with losses averaging $54. Complaints allege Dream A Pillow takes payment for purchases that are never received or only partially fulfilled. Consumers tell BBB service requests are ignored or the company refuses refunds.

Credit card companies have an allotted timeframe where consumers can dispute fraudulent charges. Most of the recent complaints are from orders placed in December. The company makes promises of delivery to the consumers up until they are outside of the time frame allowed. This is a common tactic used to avoid chargebacks.

“I purchased a ‘Create A Custom Lifesize Pillow’ for a total of $323.99, on Dec. 4, 2022, as a gift and was told that I would receive it in about 6 weeks,” one consumer told BBB. “Today is March 2, 2023, and I never received anything. I have emailed, called, left messages and I have not received any type of communication back. Today, March 2, I just tried again, and it sent me to voicemail and now the voicemail was full, so I could not leave another message today. I want my money refunded back to my credit card; I am no longer interested in receiving the pillow.

Monica Horton, BBB spokesperson, offered advice for avoiding some scams.

“I would encourage consumers to resist the temptation to click on ads while scrolling through their social media accounts because scammers use digital advertising,” she suggested. “Instead, make a note of the website and do your research prior to placing an order with anyone. In this situation, we have an “F” rating on this company. We hope that it may prevent others from having the same bad experience as described in the 188 complaints received in less than 6 months.”

Online purchase scams are ranked the number 1 riskiest scam, according to the 2022 BBB Scam Tracker Risk Report. As more businesses join the digital retail space, it’s more important than ever to be consumer savvy when shopping online. BBB advice for shopping online can be found at

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