Monday Night Politics Schedule for February 7, 2022

Monday Night Politics

Monday Night Politics

February 7, 2022

Forums and Candidates


  1. Michael Cooper
  2. Joy Diaz
  3. Beto O’Rourke

Lieutenant Governor

  1. Michelle Beckley
  2. Carla Brailey
  3. Mike Collier

Attorney General

  1. Lee Merritt
  2. Rochelle Mercedes Garza
  3. Mike Fields
  4. Joe Jaworski

District Judge, 204th Judicial District

  1. Tammy Kemp
  2. Bree West

District Judge, 255th Judicial District

  1. Vonda Bailey
  2. Kim Cooks

District Judge, 282nd Judicial District

  1. Andy Chatham
  2. Amber Givens
  3. Teresa Jan Hawthorn




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