Pamela Whitt
Pamela Whitt

Chicago, Ill. ( – Motivate Moms LLC is helping schools increase family engagement, one parent at a time. On June 4, it concluded its first year in operation as the most successful of over 60 programs in Calumet Public School District 132.

It’s founder, Pamela Whitt, is an author, motivational speaker and native of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Her goal is to help find positive solutions to the issues that exist in urban communities.

After recognizing the lack of parent engagement as a part of these solutions, she created Motivate Moms during the summer. It offers coaching, keynote speaking and workshop opportunities for individuals or organizations. She uses what she calls her “Ph.D. in parenting” to implement a program that teaches parents, grandparents and guardians best parent practices to promote academic and social success. In less than one year, she has dramatically increased the parent participation in her district and has seen a regular monthly attendance of up to 600 parents, grandparents and other caretakers, the most parent engagement the district has ever seen.

“I want to be a part of the solution instead of talking about what should be done. There isn’t a perfect way to raise children but you have to use your village – your community, schools, family and friends,” Whitt said.

Her book Raising SAFE Kids: 7 Strategies to Raising Safe, Affluent, Fearless, Empowered Kids was the blueprint for Motivate Moms. The book chronicles Whitt’s parenting journey and encourages parents to empower themselves and their children in order to reach their full potential. It is the first volume in a series of other books that Whitt plans to write.

Psychologist and executive coach Dr. Betty Orlandino, Ph.D. and Chelsea C. Hayes, SPHR, CEO and principal consultant of The Coaching Factory LLC are among many professionals who have given positive reviews of her book.

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