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The city of Dallas paid sick leave ordinance will go into effect on Aug. 1 for employers with more than five employees.

The ordinance does not go into effect for employers with five or fewer employees until Aug. 1, 2021. If residents have any questions that they would like answered at the information sessions, they can send them to


The city of Dallas was awarded the Healthy Homes Supplemental grant and the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes in the amount of $2.3 million. The 42-month funding award is comprised of the LHR grant in the amount of $2 million and the HHS grant in the amount of $300,000.

“This grant will ensure Dallas residents, especially children, in eligible houses don’t have to live in homes that trigger health issues like asthma,” said David Noguera, director of the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization. “It is part of our continuing push to make sure people live in healthy homes.”

HUD developed the LHR grant program to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in eligible rental or owner-occupied housing units. HUD developed the HHS grant program to prevent children and families from home-related health and safety hazards, including mold, lead, allergens, asthma, carbon monoxide, home safety, pesticides and radon.


Registration has begun for the third annual Expunction Expo, hosted by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, the Dallas County Public Defender’s Office and the Dallas County District Clerk’s Office, to clear criminal records of people who, by law, are eligible for an expunction. It will be held at Jubilee Park Community Center, located at 907 Bank St.

“We want to help people who qualify for an expunction get a fresh start so they can become productive and contributing members of society,” said Criminal District Attorney John Creuzot. “Many people may not be able to obtain gainful employment, attend college or serve in the military because of something on their record that can be eliminated. This is an opportunity for them to change their lives for the better.”

Participants must fill out a a participant form and preregister at or in person by July 28. Registrants will be notified by Sept. 9 of eligibility to attend the Pre-Qualification Clinic on Sept 14.

The expo is convened in partnership with local volunteer attorneys, as well as students from the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law and the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. Dallas County District Judges and the Dallas City Attorney Community Courts are also vital partners in this endeavor.

Since its inception in 2017, this event has helped clear over 400 criminal records.


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