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Dallas Speaker Series

The Dallas Speakers Series, presented by the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce and the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, will be held the fourth Tuesday of every month at noon.

The series will highlight Black, Latinx and Indigenous experiences, leaders and entrepreneurs in the North Texas region.

Each month the groups will host a moderated conversation that features guests covering a variety of topics from housing, development, entrepreneurship, education and politics to community and harnessing your power in the workplace.

“We will be talking to and hearing from people that are doing some amazing work in our city all in an effort to amplify their voices and efforts,” a representative noted. “This is also an opportunity to hear how people can get involved and engaged with the work of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, and many of the organizations that will be featured throughout this year’s monthly speaker series.”

The series will be presented on Facebook Live.


Dallas bar association to hosts Dallas County health/vaccine update public forum

The “Future of COVID-19 and Vaccinations in Dallas County,” a forum presenting updates from the Dallas medical community, will be held via Zoom Feb. 5 at noon.

The forum will be moderated by Cheryl Camin Murray, a partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. John Carlo, CEO, Prism Health North Texas, member of the Texas Medical Association COVID-19 Task Force
  • Dr. Philip Huang, Director and Health Authority for Dallas County Health and Human Services
  • Hon. Clay Jenkins, Dallas County Judge
  • W. Stephen Love, President and CEO of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Hospital Council

Those interested in attending can register online at


Legislation to remove confederate monuments from the capitol grounds

On the morning of Jan. 19, what is designated as Confederate Heroes Day in Texas, Rep. Rafael Anchía filed House Bill 1186 which would remove confederate monuments, memorials, and statues from the Capitol grounds as well as renaming the John H. Reagan State Office Building.

“Confederate monuments have and continue to be a symbol of racism, oppression and slavery. They are divisive and perpetuate white supremacy, the concept that one race is above all others. These monuments and memorials in and around our Capitol dishonor and insult the many representatives, staff and visitors who are descendants of slaves.

“The Texas Capitol is a symbol of solidarity, as lawmakers from various backgrounds and perspectives come together to create change for our communities. The presence of Confederate memorials on the Capitol grounds undermine the unifying work that lawmakers strive to undertake.”

HB 1186 would direct the State Preservation Board to remove the following items from public display: the portrait of Albert Sidney Johnson located in the senate chamber, the canons located on the south end of the Capitol, the Confederate Soldiers’ Monument located on the south grounds, the portrait of Richard William “Dick” Dowling located in the House chamber, Hood’s Texas Brigade Monument located on the east grounds, the portrait of Jefferson Davis located in the senate chamber, and Terry’s Texas Rangers Monument located on the south grounds.

In addition, HB 1186 would rename the John H. Reagan building to the Jackson-Webber State Office Building, named after Nathaniel Jackson and John Ferdinand Webber, abolitionists who helped slaves escape from Texas to Mexico via the “Underground Railroad to Mexico”.

“Although we cannot change, nor should we deny, the history of our nation, we are at a moment of reckoning, which requires us to stop glorifying traitors, secessionists and racists at the people’s Capitol,” Anchía added.


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