Barack Obama 2018
Barack Obama 2018

WASHINGTON (NNPA) – President Barack Obama issued a second round of midterm endorsements, lending his name in support of 260 Democratic candidates for governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House, and state legislature.

“The Democratic Party has always made the biggest difference in the lives of the American people when we lead with conviction, principle and bold, new ideas. Our incredible array of candidates up and down the ticket, all across the country, make up a movement of citizens who are younger, more diverse, more female than ever before,” Obama said. “They’re Americans who aren’t just running against something, but for something. They’re running to expand opportunity and restore the honor and compassion that should be the essence of public service. I’m proud to endorse so many of them today, and I’m eager to continue making the case for why they deserve our votes this November.”

In this round of endorsements, Obama focused on close races in which his support would make a meaningful difference: state legislative and/or statewide races that are redistricting priorities; Obama campaign and administration alumni who have been inspired to run for office; and building a pipeline of diverse talent and elevating the next generation of leaders within the Democratic party.

Obama is committed to using his unique standing to support Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018. Today’s endorsements build on an initial round of 81 midterm endorsements that he issued in August, which included Adrienne Bell, U.S. House, TX-14 and Colin Allred, U.S. House, TX-32. He has also made several campaign appearances over the last month in California, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania so far and has held fundraisers this year for campaign committees, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and individual candidates.

Of the additional candidates endorsed, those from Texas are as follows:

• Eric Johnson, State House, District 100

• Ana-Maria Ramos, State House, District 102

• Terry Meza, State House, District 105

• Rhetta Bowers, State House, District 113

• Julie Johnson, State House, District 115

• Lizzie Fletcher, U.S. House, TX-07

• Veronica Escobar, U.S. House, TX-16

• Gina Ortiz Jones, U.S. House, TX-23

• Sylvia Garcia, U.S. House, TX-29

“It is an honor to be one of a select few Texas candidates to have received this endorsement. I appreciate your support over the past eight years, and I am especially proud today that our hard work and commitment to progressive values has garnered the attention of such an inspirational, once-in-a-generation leader as President Barack Obama,” Johnson stated.

Johnson is currently running to become Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. He is the only Democratic candidate for Speaker and if elected, he will be the first African American Speaker in Texas history.

Robyn H. Jimenez/The Dallas Examiner contributed to this report.

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