Rep. Johnson endorsements
Rep. Johnson endorsements

Special to The Dallas Examiner

Mayor Mike Rawlings, along with other political officials, endorsed state Rep. Eric Johnson Tuesday to serve as the next mayor of Dallas. Johnson received the most votes among nine mayoral candidates during the May 4 election.

“A native son of Southern Dallas, Eric Johnson epitomizes the very best of what our city has to offer,” Rawlings said. “He is a proven collaborator who has won the confidence of former and current elected officials with whom he serves. A successful mayor must be a uniter, not a divider. Eric will be that unifying force that the people of Dallas deserve.”

Johnson has also been endorsed by four previous mayors of Dallas.

“Mike Rawlings has provided strong, effective, unifying leadership for Dallas and I am profoundly honored to have his support,” Johnson said. “Dallas is a better city because of this man and his commitment to the people who live here. Mike Rawlings has not only accomplished a great deal for Dallas, but he has served with integrity and repeatedly earned the trust of everyone who cares about this city.”

During a press conference, Johnson was also endorsed by seven City Council members: Casey Thomas II, District 3; Tennell Atkins, District 8; Carolyn King Arnold, District 4; Jennifer Staubach Gates, District 13; Adam McGough, District 10; Lee Kleinman, District 11; and Rickey Callahan, District 5.

“These are great public servants,” Johnson said. “I know that they do not take the decision to endorse in this race lightly, and I don’t take their decision lightly either. All of us are eager to move past the divisiveness of recent years and work together to do what’s best for this city. We will have some disagreements in the future, but we will work through them in a collaborative and productive fashion.”

Johnson has also been endorsed by a bipartisan group of 10 current and former members of the Texas Legislature and five members of the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees.

On Wednesday, he was endorsed by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, U.S. representative for Texas’s 30th congressional district, and Congressman Lance Gooden, U.S. representative for Texas’s 5th congressional district.

“Dallas is a big, diverse city, and at this time, we need a mayor who understands how to get the best out of it,” the congresswoman stated. “As someone who has lived here for a majority of my life, I am eager to see us to continue to grow and develop in the years ahead. In this runoff, the best candidate to lead our city is Rep. Eric Johnson. In my judgment, Rep. Eric Johnson is the right candidate to unite the best of what our city has to offer and push us forward. I am happy to support his candidacy and look forward to working with him as our next mayor.”

Gooden was elected to the U.S. House last year after serving three terms in the Texas Legislature. He recalled the qualities that he felt would make Johnson a good mayor for the city.

“Eric and I served together for many years in the Texas House and I believe he is the clear choice to lead Dallas as mayor. Eric knows how to bring people together, think big, listen to diverse views and build consensus. I have long admired Eric’s commitment to the people he serves, and I look forward to working with him as mayor of Dallas,” Gooden said.

Johnson has represented Dallas’ District 100 in the Texas House of Representatives since 2010. He has been vocal in his efforts to expand access to early childhood education, fighting public corruption, funding much-needed street repairs, and improving public safety. He has also been a practicing lawyer in Dallas for the past 15 years.

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