Torry Edwards, Chairman, Jarvis Board of Trustees, Depree Scovell, Businessman, Councilman Tennell Atkins, District 8, Dr. Lester Newman, Jarvis Outgoing President

Special to The Dallas Examiner

Jarvis Christian University was welcomed by Peter Brodsky, owner of Redbird Mall, to their new space at 7222 Westmoreland Road as the university marked the kickoff of its 2023 Capital Campaign. The new location has placed it within the historic mall and the thriving Southern Dallas educational corridor – providing the university with room to expand.

Dr. Glenell Lee-Pruitt, president of Jarvis and Dr. Lester Newman, outgoing president, addressed the audience highlighting the challenges faced by today’s students and outlining how the University’s ambitious $60 million capital campaign can contribute to the growth of enrollment and empower students. The campaign aims to raise funds for scholarships, program development, new facilities, maintenance for existing buildings and development. It will bolster programs and facilities in key areas such as cybersecurity, logistics, data sciences, accounting and social sciences.

Two students, Javier Hall and Theresa Williams also shared their personal stories, emphasizing the significance of receiving an education from a historically Black institution like Jarvis. Hall, a current student and White House Fellow at the Hawkins campus, spoke about how the University has equipped him for success, while Williams, an older student who recently obtained an undergraduate degree from the Dallas site, expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by the university and the convenience of having classes at Redbird Mall which is located across the street from her home.

Jarvis Christian University’s inclusion in the educational corridor of Southern Dallas further strengthens its position alongside esteemed institutions such as the University of North Texas, Cedar Valley College and Paul Quinn College.

The partnership between Redbird Mall and Jarvis Christian University indicates a significant milestone for both.

“Redbird Mall’s support and the exposure within the educational corridor will undoubtedly help Jarvis in achieving its goals of expansion, program development and student empowerment,” Pruitt said. “With the launch of the capital campaign, the university is poised to make a lasting impact on its students and the community as a whole.”

Prominent figures from the business, banking and educational sectors also attended the event including Linda McMahon from Real Estate Council; Mark Cook and Rod Washington from Frost Bank; Jeneca Willis and Shari Hicks from Chase Bank, Councilman Tennell Atkins, Councilman Zarin Gracey, Sarah Weinburg, a DISD School Board member; Dupree Scovell, local businessman; Latosha Herron Bruff from Dallas Regional Chamber; along with Jarvis Board Chair Torry Edwards and Major General John Phillips, a Jarvis board member.

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