SBA continues to fail socially and economically disadvantaged businesses  in Dallas one year later

Bruce Carter




Despite the reported billions of dollars being available for Small Businesses and organizations with less than 10 employees many applications have not been processed. Nonprofits and qualified businesses in the Southern Sector of Dallas applied over four months ago only to have been ignored by SBA. The law under the HEROES Act stated specific funding times but the SBA has failed to comply.

This is a repeat of the last administration failing the socially and economically disadvantaged across America. After protesting the SBA across the country during the height of the pandemic on June 19th, 2020 the SBA was finally sued for breaking the law. The SBA failed to adhere to the CARES Act specific instructions to place socially and economically business with priority in the Paycheck Protection Program and to provide a $10,000.00 EDIL advance.

Small businesses with less than 10 employees and small nonprofits are vital to many of these communities as they are the true backbone because they touch the people. The City of Dallas and its suburbs are under siege as many other metropolitan areas with increases in violence and lack of hope. It is time for federally elected officials to not just pass bills but make sure their constituents are being treated fairly.

It appears the SBA and its contractors have a plan to delay and discourage the socially and economically challenged so they can open it up to the neighbors who didn’t qualify under the law. One applicant felt like she was bullied when a SBA representative implied if you continue to ask for updates it will slow down the processing of her EIDL modification and targeted EIDL request.


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