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Many people have often wanted to write book about their lives or any other topics but may not understand how to promote their product. While writing is the foundation of becoming an author, planning and promoting plays an essential role in how successful your book is in its target market.

Tieshena Davis, CEO of Purposely Created Publishing, shared the answer to helping others achieve the author credits and extensive readership they desire through three detailed steps during a recent Be The Answer workshop.

The first step to being a successful bookseller is to plan for your book. Davis said aspiring authors must figure out exactly why they are writing the book by determining who their readers are, what problem their book is addressing and what systemized solution the book is providing. These elements of planning will help make the writing process easier by making the end result clearer.

“Get very clear on your why,” she said. “Planning can bring you so many results at such an accelerated pace that it would blow your mind.”

After book planning is done, authors have to position themselves properly in the book marketplace.

“What do you want to achieve when the book is released?” Davis asked. “You have to be ready, get ready, and stay ready.”

She advised that authors set intentional goals that are specific and clear about the end result and brand themselves early on.

“Branding isn’t a business,” Davis said. “Branding is a strategy to help people know what you are selling.”

Also, authors must have the essential tools available to their audience along with their books, such as professional photos, audio, speaker event dates, speaker rate sheets and speaker one-sheets.

When the book is properly positioned and ready to be released, the final step is for the product to be effectively promoted. It’s important that booksellers get the word out to people about their book in order to achieve an audience and receive revenue.

“I need to know what I am going to get from [your book],” Davis said.

While promoting their book, authors should refrain from telling their target audience what the book is about, she stressed with great emphasis. Telling opposed to selling the book’s solution can result in fewer sales.

“If you tell me what it is about, then why should I buy it,” Davis offered. “Stop telling people what the book is about. Tell them about the result. What are they going to walk away with as a result of reading it?”

Also, authors should have next level programs such as live and virtual events, as well as bonus offers to help further persuade customers and show them you are a quality content provider. Davis said these special offers are a way of applying the “under-promote, over-deliver” method with your product.

“It’s attracting and leading people into your business,” she said. “You need that lead magnet. You need something that will have a conversation without you having to have a conversation. Give them more than what they came for.”

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