Texas House of Representatives reaches quorum for second special session: Elected officials need to take bold action for Texans



After months of standing firm against Gov. Abbott’s extremist agenda by denying him a quorum in the House, it’s disheartening that quorum was reached, and that this sham of a second special session has now fully commenced.

As organizers, TOP appreciates the elected officials who sacrificed to keep Abbott’s terrible agenda at bay. Your actions were inspiring and we will never forget them in the fight to preserve our democracy. You captured the attention of our nation by going to D.C. and demanding federal action to protect Texans’ access to the ballot box.

At the same time, we are, of course, disappointed in the decision of Democratic representatives Coleman, Hernandez and Walle to stand down from denying quorum today, a move that has now resulted in the advancement of right-wing bills that attack vulnerable communities and will only set our state back.

We know that Black and Latino Texans will be hurt most by the proposed legislation in this special session. Their votes are targeted by legislation like HB 3, and they will disproportionately be affected by bail bill SB 6. Instead of working on critical pressing issues, like supporting policies that will help stop the COVID Delta variant and put an end to the pandemic, Abbott and Texas Republicans are creating faux crises to address.

There is absolutely still time for all House Democrats to meet this urgent moment head-on and do the right thing, which is staying off the House floor next week. To protect Texans’ rights as well as access to the ballot box, they need to do just that.

TOP will continue to organize and demand that all our elected officials regardless of party affiliation stand up for our democracy and protect every person’s right to vote.


Brianna Brown, co-executive director

Texas Organizing Project


Texas Organizing Project advocates for Black and Latino communities in Dallas, Harris and Bexar counties.


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