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The United States Supreme Court has issued a constitutionally insupportable decision that disregards many years of precedent and that will be damaging to our nation and country in the vein of such decisions as Dred Scott v. Sanford. Especially in Texas where African Americans were barred from most of our institutions of higher education until 1957.

Ironically, that decision also threw out constitutional protections for African Americans, just as the majority has done in this case with the noted exception of the military. That hypocrisy was noted by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who noted that the majority’s decision continues affirmatively to serve the purpose of putting Black men and women in the bunkers and trenches to fight the nation’s wars, while simultaneously striking down affirmative action in higher education intended to elevate African Americans to the boardrooms in this country.

The majority, in disregarding acknowledged and unchallenged current effects of past discrimination, current discrimination and a history that has prevented African Americans from receiving opportunities like other groups, has joined with a wave of anti-Black extremists to prevent our education leaders from doing what they do best – properly and fairly educate students with the resources available, much of them provided by public dollars and taxpayers, another irony: The Court robbed African Americans of their fair share of the higher education pie, even when its financed by taxpayers.

Today’s position was a political decision, pure and simple. They have turned the 14th Amendment on its head. This opinion will continue to erode public confidence in the court’s integrity and non-partisan role in our society.

In light of this decision, the Texas NAACP calls on the Texas Legislature to extend and expand the top 10% plan or make it applicable to ALL select universities. That measure has been the law in Texas for nearly 30 years. We also encourage our institutions of higher education to commit themselves to achieving diversity, as is permitted by today’s opinion. Slavery happened. Jim Crow happened. Lynchings happened. All of those created and contributed to the structural racism that exists today. Affirmative action was crafted to remedy those wrongs. It was not only constitutional, but moral. We urge our educational, political and community leaders to restore morality to college admissions.

Texas State Conference of NAACP

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