TWC Registered Apprenticeship Program
TWC Registered Apprenticeship Program


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AUSTIN ⎯ The Texas Workforce Commission has been awarded $9.4 million by the Department of Labor to support the expansion of registered apprenticeship in Texas to help build viable career paths for youths and adults seeking to develop a viable career around training for skilled professions.

“Apprenticeship programs provide a flexible approach to on-the-job training,” said Bryan Daniel, TWC Commissioner for the Public. “This grant will substantially increase the number of registered apprentices in Texas, which will increase the overall capacity of our skilled workforce.”

The funding will be used to increase the number of apprentices in Registered Apprenticeship Programs, support and encourage the diversification of these programs, and build the use of Registered Apprenticeship Programs as a training model alongside workforce partners. Currently there are approximately 19,612 apprentices in Texas and 523 Registered Apprenticeship Training Programs. This grant will increase the number of apprentices in Texas by 4,821.

“Apprenticeships are a stepping stone to high-skilled jobs and increased wages for many Texans,” said Julian Alvarez, TWC Commissioner Representing Labor. “These programs provide great opportunity for people of all ages who seek to find a career, not just a job.”

Registered apprenticeship programs through TWC are not unpaid internships. They are jobs in which an apprentice worker learns a skilled occupation through paid on-the-job training under the supervision of a journey level craftsperson or trade professional combined with related classroom instruction. These benefit the person learning the job skill and also allow companies to develop talent quickly.

“Texas employers and businesses, and those relocating to Texas, are certainly excited about our state’s highly-skilled workforce. Programs like this play a key role in ensuring workers will have the skills that businesses and employers need,” said Aaron Demerson, TWC Commissioner Representing Employers. “This program can be a win-win for employers and workers when used resourcefully, creating a positive impact statewide.”

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