Capitalism is the root of all evil

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In a meeting I was attending where we were discussing the implications of the confirmation of Amy Conan Barrett as a justice of the United States Supreme Court, someone offered the opinion that one of the reasons the Republicans were so anxious to get her nominated and confirmed was because they believed she was necessary to save and protect the interests of big money.

“The courts – including the United States Supreme Court – are all tools of big money,” the person said. “They would rather protect the interests of the corporations than to take care of “the least of these.”

“Capitalism,” he said, “is the root of all evil,” referring to the Biblical verse, frequently misquoted, that says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” And clearly, it seems that people all over the world honor and respect capitalism and the so-called “free market” because it affords the possibility to become wealthy to more people.

The battle for the soul of America is not between Republicans and Democrats, it is between big business and big money – and big money seems to have the upper hand.

When former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said in 2011 that corporations are people, according to The Washington Post, people went crazy. What could he possibly mean? Romney defended his belief, saying “everything that corporations earn ultimately goes to the people.” His belief is also supported by the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which says that some of the rights given to people are to be given to corporations as well.

And even though the veracity of that interpretation has been hotly contested, the belief still stands, The Atlantic reported.

As Election Day nears, what seems to be front and center is that it is money – the lack of it as well as the plentitude of it – is at the center of most everything. Even as people are starving and losing their jobs and homes, and are so strapped for cash that they cannot get the health care they need, money which could have been used to help alleviate the pain and suffering of American citizens has been thrown without abandon to both the Biden and Trump campaigns.

It is estimated that $11 billion will have been spent on getting one person into office by the time the campaign ends on Election Day, a figure that will probably rise as anticipated lawsuits are filed after the election to challenge the results.

Meanwhile, the people suffer.

The lure of money is demonic, not just here but all over the world. It seems that nothing is as sacred as is the dollar or the capacity to make a lot of money. Just recently, a newspaper article revealed that headstones of African Americans buried in a cemetery had been tossed in a nearby river, as the bodies were relocated to make room for development. The Columbian Harmony Cemetery was the first burial society for free Blacks and was located in Washington, D.C.  But when a developer offered the district his plans for development that would bring millions of dollars into the city, the bodies were exhumed and moved, and their headstones were tossed into the river, according to The Washington Post.

In spite of people claiming deep faith, it seems that the need and belief that has deep faith is that money matters more than anything. When the sound and the fury of this election dies down, it remains to be seen how the masses of people, who are suffering from poverty in ever greater numbers, will fare.

The truth is, with billions of dollars gone to either save the incumbent administration or to usher in a new one, the masses will probably suffer even more. The root of all evil, capitalism, will continue to grow and produce new offshoots, which will be necessary to support economic endeavors.

And the needs of the masses, like the headstones of the Blacks who were once buried in the Columbian Harmony Cemetery, will be tossed into a metaphorical river. The people will weep, but the big spenders will only smile and continue to add more money to their fattened coffers at the expense of anyone or anything who might be in their way.


Rev Dr. Susan K. Smith is available to preach, and give workshops or hold seminars on the issue of how religion and politics have been ineffective in destroying racism. Her latest book, Rest for the Justice-Seeking Soul, is now available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. She is available for speaking. Contact her at


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