Troubled waters!

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Troubled waters!




Any conversation that you attempt to become involved in today points to ‘troubled waters’ in the United States of America: voting restriction, abortion, masks, vaccinations, white supremacy, critical race theory, Afghanistan war ending, Afghan refugees in the United States, employment low with job opportunities high, unpaid rental with landlords not compensated.

Take your pick and it seems that there is a need for a reasonably fair settlement to all of these troubles. Taking the lead on conversation are the voting rights restrictions being imposed in several states with Texas way out front, basing the legislative actions on the baseless belief that Trump won the last election because of cheating. Everyone with a modicum of intelligence is aware that this was one of the strictest elections in history because of the nature of the atmosphere which had been instilled by Trump and his followers, because it is a known fact that the real steal took place in 2016 when Trump was declared president over Hillary Clinton who had the most popular votes. Russia and perhaps another country made certain that Trump received the electoral votes, which decided the winner of the election.

The Trump influence is still being felt in the current administration because of all of the nonsensical things, which occurred during Trump’s administration. The state governors who supported him are still trying to carry out his wishes against the better judgement of state and federal officials who know better and have beliefs and ideas that keep in line with science. And, because of this, Trump plans to run for president again!

It was Trump’s deal with the Taliban that caused what the Republicans call a so-called bungled evacuation from Afghanistan on Aug. 30. The original date was in May 2021. This was a 20-year war which the United States would have been better off not being a part of, but Congress agreed to support Republican President George Bush in his desire to have it when many Americans were solidly against it. With trouble all around us and opinions pro and con on every subject, we must get ‘in cinque’ and support honesty, justice and humanitarianism.


Renetta W. Howard is a former social worker and educator. She is the author of Pandemic: What Is It?, Navigating Old Age: Keep Moving, and Growing Up With Jim Crow. She can be reached at or through


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