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Special to The Dallas Examiner

Duncanville – It’s no joke, Village Tech Schools will host its annual Mosaic: Exhibition of Learning on April 1 from 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.  Mosaic: Exhibition of Learning illustrates how VT students are equipped for the world beyond school.

Village Tech students will spend the day showcasing their creativity, innovative ideas and work to the community. At this event, over 3,000 guests interact as the students share the culmination of a team design challenge, explain their working process and describe challenges overcome. It is a moment for students to share their passion, creativity, enthusiasm and self-confidence in a project where their professional, technical and academic skills come together.

There are several unique things about VT, but what truly makes them stand out from the rest is the students, teachers and student work that VT produces. From fourth graders hosting a “waffle off” of their personally crafted recipes for judges to choose a winner to the seniors creating a KAFO (Knee, Ankle, and Foot Orthopedic) prosthetic that will grow with the patient, every project and piece of work told a story.

Now, more than ever, students need to be surrounded and connected to a community of supporters. During Mosaic, VT will also host a PreK Round-Up for new and prospective parents and an Expansion Info Session with our superintendent, David Williams. To join us please RSVP to

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