Texas Organizing Project statement on passage of SB 6 in the Texas House

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Right2Justice Policy


SB 6 is built on right-wing hysteria that violates Texans’ rights, not on public safety. If implemented, this bill will lead to more overcrowding in jails and further criminalize poverty in our state, meaning more Texans – a disproportionate amount being Black and Latino – will stay stuck in jail solely because they cannot afford bail.

Instead of promoting justice, this regressive legislation will force many innocent Texans into guilty pleas. Wealth-based pretrial detention has already been ruled unconstitutional by federal judges across Texas, yet Texas Republicans are doubling down on these oppressive policies with passage of SB 6. With their votes for this bill, they are endorsing funneling the poor into a cyclical trap of incarceration.

While we are pleased to see SJR 3 defeated for now, we are livid to see SB 6 advance. The fight continues against proposals like these that seek to shatter the progress groups like TOP have made across the state to end the racist cash bail system, and we will not be stopped.


Laquita Garcia is the statewide Right2Justice Pol­icy coordinator with the Texas Organizing Project


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