Vote for: “ TERESA JAN HAWTHORNE “ Dallas needs Experienced Judges

Judge Teresa
Judge Teresa

July 14th Runoff Election Information

Early Voting Times:

June 29th – July 2: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

No voting July 3 or July 4 due to Holiday Weekend

July 5th – July 10th: 7:00 am – 7:00 pm


It is imperative that our community has Felony Court Judges with vast qualifications and experience within the Criminal Justice System. I am the Most Qualified and Experienced Candidate. I have served for 30 years as either a criminal defense attorney or a Felony Court State District Judge fighting to assure that Justice with Mercy is served at Frank Crowley Courthouse. I take pride in serving you with honor. My qualifications and life experiences enable me to hand down decisions from a felony bench that are reasonable while always following the spirit and letter of the law. As a former school teacher; secretary; receptionist; clerk; political activist; academic counselor at SMU athletic department, lawyer and judge, I have worked with citizens of all ethnicities; all socio-economic backgrounds and with people o all ages. Please see Then June 29th – July 10th or July 14th please go vote for TERESA JAN HAWTHORNE for Judge of Criminal District Court #3. If you have any questions I may be contacted at 214-724.5498 or or on Facebook.

I have been endorsed by but not limited to the following: Lake Highlands White Rock Democrats’ Club; 23rd Tejano Senatorial District Democrats; Teamsters Union; Elite News ( First Black Newspaper in Dallas County), and more than once by Committee for a Qualified Judiciary. Also important, I have extensive experience in working with the Mentally Ill. As Judge I managed the Atlas Program (Achieving True Liberty & Success) working with Mentally Ill Defendants; case workers from MetroCare Services; Probation Officers along with Drug Counselors and Anger Management Counselors. Mental Health experience is so important to know and understand in order to make careful decisions in the courtroom. I am known as a jurist with the Most Progressive Sentencing Policy and will continue to uphold reasonableness while following the LAW in the courtroom. Based on all of the above information and facts on my 4-page website, I again, respectfully request that you Please vote for me,

Teresa Jan Hawthorne.


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