We will be vital and virtual as Texas businesses began to open up too soon

Terry Allen
Terry Allen



City Men Cook


I am fortunate to have many hats I wear. Over my lifetime I have been blessed with many roles: educator, manager, reporter, entrepreneur, mentor and event planner. This June I am most proud of my 21-year role as the managing director of the largest Sunday dinner in North Texas aptly titled City Men Cook. It is a flagship culinary event that showcases men of color in a positive light as the serve up some of the best recipes in the world. The event serves a landing page for our successful mentoring program.

We will be virtual launching our event online with interactive chat on our City Men Cook YouTube channel. Why? Because we listened to the medical experts and the faith community that clearly say, “Stay sheltered” and “Wear masks.” Given the rise in cases and the heightened concerns around the Coronavirus we are officially announcing that we will move the City Men Cook 2020 to a virtual multi-location space. Yes, we are going live on Father’s Day and we want you onboard.

From the beginning, we have stressed that the health, safety and well-being of our CMC family, patrons, local citizens and others who contribute to making the City Men is paramount to our decision to go virtual.

Early on, CMC partnered with the community’s successful #WEMUSTSURVIVECV19 CAMPAIGN in early March 2020 and help flatten the curve for our community.  But now cases are rising as leadership decides to open up business.  While my event goes viral, I know that a lot of business must open or close permanently. So please let me give you some great steps to maintain your revenue and stay healthy.  So are you ready?

It means you must step up and step into your power as a leader and business owner by instilling visible signs of your commitment to business safety during a pandemic such as COVID-19.

  1. Take an ad out in the newspaper and utilize delivery and pick up services and social media announcements. Customers need to feel safe spending their money with you.
  2. Consumers need to know you created a safe space for consumer engagement.
  3. Use signage to show your customers, members and stakeholders the steps you are taking to create a safe environment when they are engaging in business with you and your establishment.
  4. Visibly display taped distance spacers, tape up a wipe downs active cleaning schedule so customers know you care. Beauty shops, restaurant owners, medical professionals be in control of your crowd. Reduce the traffic to minimal flow. Go appointment only if you can.
  5. Stay informed and post all your signage in these times of an economic and health crisis. As the consumers begin to patronize your business, you must show them that you will create a safe environment for consumers to trade with you.

Use the steps to help your customer navigate the pandemic, flatten the curve and spend their dollars safely! Join us on YouTube this Father’s Day! That is my “fiddy” cents keep it or spend it on you!


Terry Allen is an award-winning public relations guru, journalist and entrepreneur who serves on the National Association of Black Journalists Board of Directors as the Media Related Board Representative.  He is also the founder of City Men Cook, Sister CEO Business Boot Camp for Women and 1016 Media. He can be reached at terryallenpr@gmail.com


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