#WeVote Frequently asked questions about voting rights in Texas



Can I register to vote and cast a ballot if I’m currently homeless or living in a shelter?

Yes, you can register to vote by listing the location where you “reside” in Texas. For instance, you can list your shelter’s address on your voter registration form if that is your home and the fixed place you return to. If you are homeless, then you can describe the location that you return to regularly that you consider your home, such as by listing your street corner or park.


Can I still register to vote at my current location even if I just started living there today?

Yes, you can register to vote at your current location even if you just moved there.



This information was written by Louis A. Bedford IV to provide Texans with updated information regarding their rights and the law as they vote in 2022. It is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace legal advice.


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