When the oppressor claims he is being victimized

Crazy Faith Ministries

It has been a source of amazement and, frankly, irritation, as the president has continually complained that people have not been “fair” to him.

He, the one who set the table for vitriol that is juvenile at best and non-presidential at worst, whines when someone fights back, using his own techniques. He, who perpetuates the attacks of everyone and everything who does not agree with him acts like a petulant child when he gets push-back and says, “It isn’t fair.”

Not only he, but some members of his staff and cabinet are quick to say that they are being victimized unfairly – by the press, by “paid” protesters, by folks who are angry that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the election.

Is that a normal behavior pattern of a classic bully? I remember bullies getting a dose of their own medicine when I was growing up and not being able to handle it. The mantra was “He can give it out but he can’t take it.” The bullies I knew really seemed frightened when someone finally stood up to them. They were quick, too, to say how they had been treated badly.

It is disgusting to watch. The president is pouting; he who encouraged the Russians to hack American cyberspace is pouting and complaining that leaks are bad. His disconnect between what he campaigned on and what he is saying now is stark. The bully supported leaks as long as the leaks were helping destroy his opponent, but now that the leaks threaten to expose things the president does not want uncovered, he is whining, pouting and saying that the leaks are bad and that he is being treated unfairly.

The only way to handle a bully is to stand up to him or her, but we also need to understand that when we fight back, the bully will cry. The bully, who was so bold and loud and arrogant when he/she was doling out misery, will absolutely crash and burn when receiving a dose of his own medicine. The bully has no spine, no strength of character. The only way the bully stands up is by knocking someone down. And if he or she gets knocked down, because he has no spine, he cannot get back up easily. Some never get back up at all.

Bullies are self-absorbed and insecure; the only thing that matters to them is their feelings and how to draw an adulating crowd. They don’t have to have substance; their bravado carries them, but it cannot save them in the end.

To hear this president complain about how the world is being unfair to him is exasperating but not surprising. The hope is that the press whom he is insulting will keep chipping away at his story, his tactics and his lies. This president will continue to present himself as the victim of an unkind and unjust world, even as he metes out a real lack of kindness, compassion and care for the masses of people. He will whine; we cannot stop that, but we need to understand that despite his claims, this man is no victim.

And those who have been and are being affected by his bully policies will have the responsibility to remind him of what being a victim is really all about.

Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries. She is available for speaking. Contact her at revsuekim@sbcgloba.net.


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