White supremacy is killing America

Susan K. Smith.2
Susan K. Smith

Crazy Faith Ministries

Hiding under the First Amendment of the Constitution and the Christian Bible, White Americans have been terrorizing people of color – African American, Native American, people of Japanese and Chinese descent – for decades.

White supremacist ideology has birthed and nurtured children who have held and still hold the ideology dearer than the theology of Christianity. They have actively hated Jewish people and Muslims as well. They have used the name of God and the claim of patriotism to justify their hatred.

Though perhaps not in the same way as is happening now, they have received support from all three branches of the federal government. They act, not caring about repercussions, because so often they have not been held accountable.

This ideology is killing America.

French journalist Alexis de Tocqueville said in the 19th century after visiting America that he did “not think the White and Black races in any country would ever live upon equal footing,” and he added that “America would never achieve racial harmony without a war.”

The shooting in a California synagogue, which at the time of this writing left one person dead and three injured, is the result of an ideology that kills the capacity of people who adhere to it to differentiate between good and evil, and between what is moral and immoral. The ideology has destroyed not only the capacity but also the desire of adherents to see others who are not White as human beings worthy of dignity and respect.

They fear no human at all and they seemingly do not fear God. In a very strange way, they believe that the God they worship supports their hatred of others whom God created; they see themselves as the real “chosen people,” assigned the task of getting rid of those whom they do not believe God created equal to them.

It is as though America is a sociopathic nation. White supremacist thoughts and practices are so deeply ingrained that they cannot even access those parts of themselves. They live in denial. They practice cognitive dissonance, which keeps them able to deny their heinous actions that result in misery and death – emotional and physical – for so many people.

The audacity of anyone to attack people who are in their houses of worship strains the desire of people who have been taught that God is love to forgive them. The language of hatred spewed by the president of this nation is like a drug to those who live to hate. They listen to the words – or the lack of necessary, comforting words – from the president and their souls are further radicalized.

They are terrorists, although their partners in white supremacist beliefs are not wont to admit it. They are every bit as detestable as are the “radical Islamic terrorists” that the right so loves to denigrate, criticize and attack. Their friends in high places never call them what they are, but they are terrorists, who have been attacking non-White, non-Christian people for decades.

This administration is allowing them room to hate, and their hatred is expanding to include those who criticize the president.

Just this week, a judge decided that Christopher Hasson, a Coast Guard officer who had prominent Democrats on a hit list, could not be jailed, TheHill.com noted. And in spite of the heinous nature of the crimes that Cesar Sayoc, who pleaded guilty to 65 felony counts of terrorism, white supremacists never really attacked him as they so often do when a terrorist is a person of color, and Muslim as well, as revealed by CNN.com.

America has hidden under the myth of being a great democracy, a place where there is “liberty and justice for all.” There is not and has never been, because America has been paralyzed by her white supremacist ideological foundation.

We are not the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are a country that feeds white supremacists a steady dose of racialized hatred, and thanks to the president and his stoking of the fear that so many White people carry with them, we are headed down a path that is not going to lead us to a Promised Land where there is healing and wholeness.

We are marching – or are being marched – straight into the bowels of hell.

Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries.


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