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The recent rash of White people calling the police on Black people for merely being alive and functioning is an indication that this society is sicker than any of us may want to admit.

The most recently reported incident – that of Teresa Klein calling the police on a 9-year-old African American boy who she said groped her – cast a glaring light on America’s sickness when it comes to the infestation of white supremacy in this nation.

While this young boy and his terrified little sister sobbed in anguish, this woman threw her sense of superiority around and called the police. The little boy thought he was going to go to jail, but Klein could not hear his sobs or see him as a little boy!

When Klein was shown the surveillance tape that showed that the little boy’s backpack had brushed against her and that he had not groped her, she apologized.

But it is too late. The little boy and his sister are scarred for life.

White supremacists cannot see, hear or respect that sentence because they have objectified Black, Brown and poor people, and women as well. Theirs is a mindset that cannot see everyone as human, made by God and deserving of being treated with respect.

In the practice of life, that kind of inability represents brokenness in the human spirit, which can only lead to continued breakdown of society.

What we are seeing is the white supremacy subset of American government fighting to hold on to its power. Those in power are threatened by everything that has been happening in this country. There are and have been too many people being given the right to “be,” and the life’s work of those in power seems to be to pull everything back to where they are and have been comfortable for generations.

Making America “great” again is about re-establishing the superiority and sovereignty of White maleness, a sovereignty that has caused much undue pain and suffering for people for hundreds of years.

White supremacy, as a construct of racial and gender power grabbing, is a spiritual and societal illness that has caused those who adhere to it the incapacity to consider anyone other than themselves as human beings created by God.

They expect those they discriminate against to be grateful for being allowed to live in this country and to just take their second-class citizenship treatment quietly, without challenging it. They pout when they are called out on their racism and sexism, claiming themselves to be the victims.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, after leading the debacle that resulted in Brett Kavanaugh being named to the U.S. Supreme Court, said that the senators were being “mobbed” by those who were challenging the process.

While the white supremacist subset claims that this is a nation of laws, it actually cherry picks the laws it wants to honor and those it chooses to ignore.

It is no secret, for example, that white supremacists have been behind some of the most heinous mass murders of Black people in this country, not concerned at all that they would be held accountable for their actions.

Law enforcement officers have frequently been participants at best, and at worst, non-acting onlookers of incidents like the Tulsa race riot and the Elaine, Arizona, race riot.

White supremacists have made laws that disenfranchise Black and Brown people, and most recently, Native Americans.

Whenever any human being cannot see and respect the rights and the worth of other human beings, it is indicative of a malfunctioning of the human spirit. The human spirit, created by God, recognizes the worth of all people – even those it does not agree with.

When people will not and cannot respect others on that level, the society is in trouble. No nation can continue to exist when a large segment of its population has been relegated to the status of “object.” Those so designated will eventually rise up and lash out.

White supremacy in this country is damaging democracy – something it has been doing for a long time – and the end result will be a shut down of the government and more suffering for its people.

But in that phase of disease, White people who have been able to circumvent the toxicity and spiritual ruination that white supremacy causes will be affected too. They will suffer even more than those who have been fighting against white supremacy for generations because their spirits have not been forced to create spiritual antibodies against the evil, which is what white supremacy is.

They who have scoffed at the notion of objectification that Blacks and Browns and women have complained about will be hit in a way they never have before, and they will not be able to withstand the impact or the pressure of having to live in perpetual defense of their right to exist.

White supremacy is a terminal disease, and it is spreading rapidly under the current administration. It is causing the rot to spread, as does the virus which causes Ebola, and that is dangerous.

If white supremacy were a spiritual infection, the antibody called agape – love – would work to heal it, but viruses, as we know, do not respond to antibodies. A virus must “run its course,” and it seems that at the end of its run, white supremacy will have done too much damage for this society to recover.

Rev. Dr. Susan K Smith is the founder and director of Crazy Faith Ministries. She is available for speaking. Contact her at

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