Many Americans are happy because of the new president-elect of the United States of America. Many of these “happy” Americans have taken on the attitude of “I can now be my nasty self with people I do not like, because that is the kind of president we have.” Is this why we are afraid of the coming days? We are aware that the spirit of hate is very much alive in this country now, and it is one of the things that can set off more confusion than an innocent person being killed by a uniformed officer; a person who has the right to carry armed weapons and perhaps create a self-defense alibi. Everyday citizens do not usually carry weapons, even in the open carry states, so what will be the alibi for hurting or killing another individual?

Our fears have increased the number of citizens who have decided to take the course necessary to be able to carry weapons openly. Gun classes are available, and certain ethnic groups are enrolling tenfold. We are afraid of bodily harm by other Americans, strangers, who we fear harbor hate.

We are afraid, those of us who were born in the United States after entering illegally and given permission to work and live here. We are afraid that the new president will overturn all of the legislation that gives us the rights to live. We are afraid of being deported. We are afraid that our families will not be permitted to enter this country under new immigration laws.

Older Americans are afraid that Social Security and Medicare benefits will be altered to make life, especially retired life, one of misery. In addition, those of us of age who are still employed expect that taxes will take away any profit of a bountiful life because the poor will become poorer while the rich become richer at our expense.

We have felt free to worship wherever we choose, but with so much religious animosity, certain ones of us fear that our constitutional rights of freedom of religion are being trampled upon. In addition to fearing the loss of freedom of religion, we may also feel fear to get a free education in our public schools due to the leaders chosen to direct that part of our national government.

There is fear everywhere that the progressive strides in health, education, welfare and human rights that were made during the Obama administration will be dismantled when Donald Trump is sworn into office as president with the cabinet members whom he has chosen. No government should begin with this much negative karma. Let us get “in cinque” and keep praying for a miracle.

Renetta W. Howard is a former social worker and educator.

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