Kelvin Thomas, a Dallas-area guitarist and singer, performed his hit single I Don't Mind at Chocolate Secrets. - Photo by Tiffani M. Turner

(The Dallas Examiner) – Chocolate Secrets, a hidden gem located in the Oak Lawn area, serves gourmet chocolate and confections made with organic, natural and premium ingredients, as well as fine wines since 2003.

Every Monday and Tuesday, it keeps its doors open late to host open mic and spoken word events. Mondays are dedicated to singers, rappers, comedians and the like. Tuesdays are strictly for open word poets and speakers to bring their talents to a local stage. The Dallas-area artists who perform gain exposure and get the opportunity to build their experience with performing in front of a live audience. Artists also get the chance to network with each other and grow their fan base as they share their unique talents.

Chocolate Secrets is a Black-owned gourmet chocolate and fine wine establishment. Founded by Pam G. Eudaric, its motto is, “Come for the taste. Stay for the experience.” In addition to individually crafted chocolates, guests can also choose to indulge in private label coffees and teas, soups, salads and charcuterie boards. There are more than seven countries represented on the menu.

As guests enter the Chocolate Secrets shop, they are greeted by one of their several friendly associates. Order from their eclectic food menu and, if it’s something you prefer, add in a bottle of wine. Head over to the performance space to enjoy either a spoken word or more general open mic experience.  

On Oct. 23, Kelvin Thomas, a Dallas-area guitarist and singer, performed his hit single I Don’t Mind, followed by singer Rapheal performing his debut single Sameway, which can currently be found on all streaming platforms.

Two stand-up comedians, Mehi and Mo Hanna took the stage to bring laughter into the room. One of Mehi’s jokes was about how he just moved to Dallas a year and a half ago, and that he was told prior to moving that the speed limits in Dallas are “just a suggestion.”

Oct. 24 brought Kristen Joy, a teacher and spoken word poet, to the stage to recite lines from her production Billionaire Bride, the story of an actress named Sally who is on a journey of realizing her worth.

“So now, every time that her feet graced the stage, there was no more pretending, there was no more playing it small, because now she knows that the only mistake she ever made was just simply not being herself…” recited Joy.

Poet Kennedy Taylor performed on an open mic stage for the first time. She shared encouraging poetic words with the audience about loving yourself.

“Take a shower in the rain of forgiveness so it can passionately flow through your veins. You are enough – more than enough. You are here – here for a reason,” Taylor spoke. “You were chosen – fearfully and wonderfully made you are blessed…you are free.”

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